The Best (and messiest) Migraine Medicine

OMB!  (Oh my boys!)

Two very important questions to start off our learning today:

Did you know that toilet paper loves to superglue stick itself together when it gets wet? Well, since having boys, I have learned that it does.  

Did you know that boys have no sense of quantity when it comes to toilet paper?  Well, since having boys, I have learned they do not. 

(A little background about me.  I was raised in a traditional Dad and Mom household with 2 daughters and never really had the experience of being around boys.  

My sister, myself, and our mom

Until. Now...... I have learned God has such a sense of humor.  

I am a blessed mother of 2 boys and 1 girl that are the lights of my life.  My girl (B) is the one that keeps me sane when the other two have me questioning this thing called motherhood.  Praise the Lord she is right in the middle of the two nutjobs boys!)

So back to the best (and messiest) migraine medicine......

Not too long ago, after an exhausting day at work, I came home with a monster of a migraine.  I asked the children to play quietly until some Ibuprofen kicked in and I could be among the living again.  Well, let's just say B knew to play quietly.

It wasn't long that I was laying down when I heard a quiet voice say to me in my ear, "Mommy, there is water on the bathroom floor....". Now in the house that I was raised this statement would not raise a sense of urgency. However, knowing my boys, this was not the whole story. 

I catapulted leapt off of the couch (migraine and all) and sprint into the bathroom.  What I find is a toilet overflowing and ankle deep "water"-let's pretend it was water- in the bathroom and a little boy staring at this frantic mother, who was dazed and confused from the household commotions of the last 10 minutes.   

Praise the Lord for the clarity to turn off the water to the toilet. As it turns out, C had to use the facilities and thought if a little toilet paper gets you clean, then a LOT of toilet paper must get you really clean. Soooo after 30 minutes of sweeping water outside (bless an outside door to the patio) and cleaning the bathroom, I turn to find C standing there smiling.  I bellowed, "What makes this a smiling time?"  He replied ever so sweetly, "well, I think your headache must be gone".   And, lo and behold, it was.  

While I will never recommend an overflowing toilet to another mother in this lifetime,  it did solve this mother's migraine!

The current TP situation at our home....

 Mom rations out the toilet paper before you go in the bathroom!

Now off to more learning, laughter, and love (and not so much toilet paper)!

The Evolution of This Blog

     As I have had my little corner of the Internet for a while, I have realized that I have a teacher's heart not just in my classroom, but in my home as well.  So beginning with this post, I will be combining and sharing moments from both facets of my life.  
      These three nuts lovies that I live with teach me daily that my teaching journey is not limited to the classroom. In my house, there is daily learning, laughter, and love and I want to share some of these special (and sometimes embarrassing) moments with you.   

     Now off to more learning, laughter, and love!