Today I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade with a Currently post.  I have stalked seen these forever on teacher blogs and so excited to be linking up with my first one!
Listening: Netflix is a dangerous thing.  I don't watch network television because it is never convenient when I want to watch. Hawaii Five-O, the new version, is my newest love.  Burn Notice was my last love and Hawaii Five-O has the same dynamics. 

Loving: It has been great this summer to be able to say "Go outside and swim".  In central Florida, the heat is killer but it is the HUMIDITY that does us in.  My kids love walking out and jumping in the pool. Bonus: I can work inside while watching them having fun outside. 

Thinking: Laundry is the bane of my existence.  Five people in a house makes for never ending cycle of laundry.  In the summer, we just switch from socks to bathing suits. Unfortunately, when it is something I can't stand to do, I procrastinate horribly.  Needless to say, I still have laundry to do as I type. UGH!

Wanting: Between hubs, kids, church, house, laundry (see above), bills, TPT, I could just use a few more hours in the day.  Maybe just long enough for a good run and a relaxing bath.  Sounds nice just pondering it. 

Needing: How can you ever have too much chocolate? I mean I don't see how that is such a thing.  Dove, Hershey, Godiva... All my friends.  The darker the better, but I am not picky.  Mmmmm good!

All Star: So my summer schedule has officially kicked in.  Stay up late working on TPT and sleep in until 8 (yes that is sleeping in when you have 3 active kids). This schedule helps me catch up on Golden Girls, King of Queens, and Frasier. In the words of Olaf, "In SUMMER!!" !

Now off to more learning, laughter, and loving....  


  1. I completely agree that Netflix is a dangerous thing! I loved Burn Notice, but haven't heard of Hawaii Five-O. I'll definitely have to check it out. My new show is Once Upon a Time! Enjoy your time by the pool! That sounds so relaxing!


    1. Michael and Fi forever. ;) I can't wait to start Once Upon a Time. That is next on my list.

  2. Oh LUCKY! We are suppose to get our pool installed but it has continued to rain in Houston and they keep putting it off! SO I am jealous of you! Great reading your blog post! Blessings,
    Jacqueline-The Little Ladybug Shop

    1. I know the weather dictates all the construction work here in central Florida. It is a real bummer. Already started stalking your blog. Super cute. Love the long pin entry.

  3. I'm from Florida too! i wish I could come over and lounge in your pool! haha! I've been begging my husband for a pool, it will happen eventually!

    Netflix is amazing! We got rid of cable a few years ago and we strictly watch Hulu and Netflix. It has saved us so much money and we love being able to watch what we want, when we want. Love it! Perfect for summertime ;)

    I hope you have an amazing rest of your summer and get some delicious chocolate!

    Just Keep Teaching

    1. Yay another Florida blogger! I had one stipulation for a pool- a pool service. I gladly pay that bill every month to go and jump in whenever we want. If you get close to getting a pool, budget a pool service!

      We are big FSU fans and that is the ONLY reason we have cable. I would love to get rid of cable.

      Here's to Sno-cones and chocolate!