Family Church Camp

My family had the BEST WEEK EVER last week! Our church (VBC- Plant City woohoo) has a staycation family camp once a year.   This was our first year attending and it will NOT be the last! 

It starts on Sunday morning with great kickoff services for morning and evening worship.  Then, we get to sleep in our OWN beds (doesn't that sound fantastic- says the germaphobe)! Starting on Monday morning and going through Wednesday morning, we get to have a church provided wonderful buffet breakfast at Fred's Market in Plant City.   If you love breakfast, it is a bucket list stop if you are ever in Central Florida (between Orlando and Tampa). We are talkin' eggs, bacon, grits, fried chicken (yep!), pork chops (yep again!), hash browns, french toast, pancakes... hungry yet?  

We had the best fellowship during breakfast and then off to church we went for more praise and worship time as a family.  We had fantastic preachers who really showed us what the Bible tells us about being in God's will and how life will not work otherwise (great for this Momma to hear)! 

Between services during the week, we got to spend time with our family really building up our relationships with each other.  Between a mall scavenger hunt, bowling, pizza, laughs, and giggles, we had the best time during our "down time" in the afternoons!  (See super cute video)! 

It was such a great recharge of our batteries, and we did it all while PRAISING THE LORD!! 

Now off to more learning, laughter, and love!!

My Favorite Picture and Big Reveal!

It's that time again! I am linking up with I Heart Grade 3.  This week's topic is My Favorite Picture.   

Oh, there are so many to choose from. Having a camera at my fingertips on my phone makes for one click happy mama.   I have so many pictures that I love, it was so hard to choose.  After scrolling through tons of pictures, I found one that sums us up pretty well. 

We live in mostly sunny central Florida and we love SALT WATER!   This picture is in one of our family's most favorite places- Boca Grande, FL.   It is not a complete summer without us making at least one trip down to the island.  

This picture says so much about us as a family as well.  Cale grinning and bearing the picture. Bailey the poser and Justin not happy about having to stop his activities to appease his mother with another a picture. Also, the one missing from the pic is my hubs. This is truly a reflection of our family because we rarely see him down in Boca Grande. He is usually out bowing to tarpon and catching snook! It is our own little tropical oasis! 

Now for the BIG news! As you have probably already noticed my blog has had a complete Extreme Makeover!  Laine at A Little Peace of Africa has done a FANTASTIC job taking my personality and putting it into blog form.  She has been great to work with and I would recommend her to everyone! We have also changed the domain to

This is now officially my happy place to come and share my classroom and family ideas and tips with all of you!

Now off to more learning, laughter, and love! 

The Best Trip of My Life.... So Far!

It is once again time for a blog link up with I Heart Grade 3 for the Weekly Summer Link Up! 

The topic this week is The Best Trip of My Life. My best trip was a family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN and North Georgia in the summer of 2012. Our kids were just at the perfect age to begin real car travel (6, 5, and 3), so we had not been on ANY big vacations as a family (we were overdue).  We traveled caravan style with my parents so it was super nice for the kids to be able to hop back and forth between cars at pit stops when Jason and I  the kids were ready for a change of noise level scenery. I did lots of research on Pinterest before we left.  I got lots of fun car activities that would keep them interested for a 10 HOUR drive.  

Magnets and Cookie Sheets ROCK!

We were so excited to get there and explore the outdoors, away from the car.  The kids enjoyed trying to find creatures in the stream.  However, with no luck at that, they resorted to skipping throwing rocks in the stream. 

In the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, we explored Cades Cove, the 8 Mile Craft Community Loop, and Smoky Mountain Knife Works. We even had a fun time trout fishing! We weren't on any schedule and had a blast. 

The second half of our trip was spent in North Georgia with my husband's grandparents.  We LOVED spending time with them. Blackberry picking, nature hunts at the lake (without alligators), sightseeing, and catching lightning bugs. VACATION SUCCESS! 

Do the pictures show the overtired, whining kids during the vacation? No.  Do they show memories being made? Absolutely! These are the memories that make this the Best Trip of My Life, so far......

Now off to more learning, laughter, and love!

New things to come!!!!!

I am so excited.  There are lots of fun things happening behind the scenes at Learning, Laughter, and Love this summer. Hint: Extreme ____________!  Stay tuned to find out!!! 

Where I Was 5 Years Ago!

Today's linky party on I Heart Grade 3 is a throwback to my life 5 years.    

Five years ago is somewhat of a blur for me.  You see I only thought I knew what tired was before having kids. Yeah right!  On this date five years ago, I had a (just turned) 5 year old, 3 year old, and a 1 year old.   My husband and I were like two ships passing in the day and night.  Since we were so tired and not remembering much, this post will be in pictures to help me recall my life back then. Cue the harp back in time music......

All of my babes are summer birthdays. We celebrate A LOT!

Girly Time Tea Party
The Bubs

Zoo Play Time with the Massive One (Almost Two Year Old)
LOTS of Summer Playtime

And finally.......
How we ALL felt when Summer came to an End

Happy Throwback Monday everyone!
Now off to more learning, laughter, and loving with my babes.  Time really does fly! Make the most of it. 


Today I am linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade with a Currently post.  I have stalked seen these forever on teacher blogs and so excited to be linking up with my first one!
Listening: Netflix is a dangerous thing.  I don't watch network television because it is never convenient when I want to watch. Hawaii Five-O, the new version, is my newest love.  Burn Notice was my last love and Hawaii Five-O has the same dynamics. 

Loving: It has been great this summer to be able to say "Go outside and swim".  In central Florida, the heat is killer but it is the HUMIDITY that does us in.  My kids love walking out and jumping in the pool. Bonus: I can work inside while watching them having fun outside. 

Thinking: Laundry is the bane of my existence.  Five people in a house makes for never ending cycle of laundry.  In the summer, we just switch from socks to bathing suits. Unfortunately, when it is something I can't stand to do, I procrastinate horribly.  Needless to say, I still have laundry to do as I type. UGH!

Wanting: Between hubs, kids, church, house, laundry (see above), bills, TPT, I could just use a few more hours in the day.  Maybe just long enough for a good run and a relaxing bath.  Sounds nice just pondering it. 

Needing: How can you ever have too much chocolate? I mean I don't see how that is such a thing.  Dove, Hershey, Godiva... All my friends.  The darker the better, but I am not picky.  Mmmmm good!

All Star: So my summer schedule has officially kicked in.  Stay up late working on TPT and sleep in until 8 (yes that is sleeping in when you have 3 active kids). This schedule helps me catch up on Golden Girls, King of Queens, and Frasier. In the words of Olaf, "In SUMMER!!" !

Now off to more learning, laughter, and loving....