Holy Guacamole!!

   This beginning of the year has kicked my boo-tay!  Between meet and greet, routines, and MEETINGS, I am officially exhausted. What makes it all worthwhile are the smiles I receive from my kids each morning and their hugs in the afternoon. 
   Kelly (my co-teacher) and I have worked each day to get our groups (Reading and Math) situated.  We were so excited to have everything situated when the dreaded F word popped up.  F-A-I-R! The Florida Assessment for Instruction in Reading test tells us lots of information about our students, but we have to assess it ONE-ON-ONE (all other kids with busy work- anxiety level through the roof!!).  I have a love/hate relationship with this test.  When it is all over, we will know how our kids are leveled in all the areas of reading and we can use that information to maximize our small group instruction (my favorite part of the day).  
  One thing that we had been rockin' out this year (before our short hiatus for FAIR- do you hear my frustration) is our interactive Science notebooks.  Our class has been using my "The Nature and Practice of Science" to jump into our Science this year. 
                                  The Practice and Nature of Science
  This unit includes Vocabulary for display, daily lesson plans, ready made student entries for their notebooks, and lots more!!  The students LOVED this and could not wait for Science to begin.  They especially loved the partner activities. 
  I am working on a Matter unit for the interactive Science notebooks and hope to get it going very soon (after the F word is over). 
  Happy Teaching!