Today's the day for teachers!

Today is the first day for teachers in my district.  While I will miss my lazy slow paced days of summer, I am so excited to get back to school. When going back to school,  I love to see my colleagues and new students, but sadly most of all, I love to see a schedule! I crave structure and planning my day gives me great pleasure.  

                                     First Half of my day (we have the same schedule as last year)

If you have checked out my store, you can probably tell that my co teacher and I are going with a monster theme this year.  We know with all the assessing and whatnot that the students are put through faced with each year, we wanted a little fun (shh, don't tell my district) in our room.  Below are a couple of things we are going to be using to get the kids off on the right foot with community building and routines.  I will post later this week more about our routines. But until then, good luck with the new year and come back to visit for ideas to get your kids moving and grooving and having fun (shh)!

                          Mon'star' Beginning of the Year Activities

                          Monster Interest Inventories and "Favorite" Task Cards

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