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I am a little late to the Currently party, but I have been getting my TpT store ready for Back to School Sale! Woot Woot!

My own kids are trying to get in as much "no think" time in as possible. I just switched to boys toys out for ones in storage, so they think it is Christmas! They are finding the noisiest toys first! That's boys for ya!

I was up at 12:01 to see my first TpT as a Seller kick off. It is so exciting! Of course, I could not go to sleep until I started loading up my own cart of my favorite sellers and making a few purchases. The hubs won't be seeing that receipt. 

Today is my last Monday before going back to school.  I did have a chance to go up to school 2 weeks ago.  Since we were on a time crunch (Mama kids needing naps/rest time), I was only able to get the desks and chairs arranged! At least that is out of the way for when we go back and I can work on the walls (oh the lack of color!). 

This year, my coteacher and I are working on getting the kids excited for learning! One simple way I have found is adding clip art to presentations, games, and task cards. The kiddos love to see the topic "brought to life" on their paper with just a few pictures about the topic. I will probably be back on TpT getting more before the sale is over. 

As a family, we love Boca Grande! If we can get one more trip in before next week, it will make for a happy Mama.  Just a day or two of sand, salt, shells, and fishing will "tide" me over for a month or so to get back in the swing of things school related. 

Of course the main thing I have LOVED this summer is the morning snuggles I get woken up with.  My kiddos are snuggle bugs and they wake up enough in the mornings to crawl into my bed and burrow in right next to me. Oh how I will miss that starting next week!

Now off to browse TpT.....

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