"First Day Jitters" Quadrama

Happy Friday Eve!

   I think about school 365 days a year. My partner in crime agrees that it

might be a disease. In fact how I kick my brain out of gear is brainstorming 

ideas for school.  One thing I love to think about is beginning of the year 


   Each year we all have those hit 'em out of the park activities that we want 

to always use and some that fizzle in the dugouts (I might have a little 

baseball on the brain too). One of my favorite books to read is "First Day 

Jitters". This one never fizzles!

   One activity that I can't wait to try out with my students is the "First Day 

Jitters" Quadrama.   Each section will be about my students' first day with a 

connection to Sarah, the main character. It will take some time to construct 

the quadrama. However, during the first week of school, time is a luxury we 

have to take the time to compete. 

So this Friday Eve, enjoy this little FREEBIE

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